Kovil sofa gives to every space you will choose to place it identity, as its impressive and imposing design will definitely be a dominant element in your living room. Solid beech frame with feather filled and latex back cushioning, allow you to sit, lie down, relax!

Removable and washable covers.

Wide range of colors and fabrics.

Available Dimensions:
3seater 250x105cm
3seater 230x105cm
2seater 210x105cm
2seater 190x105cm
left armrest 180x105cm
left armrest 200x105cm
left armrest 220x105cm
right armrest 180x105cm
right armrest 200x105cm
right armrest 220x105cm
right chaise 105x200cm
right chaise 105x220cm
right chaise 105x240cm
left chaise 105x200cm
left chaise 105x220cm
left chaise 105x240cm

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