Special door for special demands. Combination of veneer with marketeri design. Combination of wood – glass – aluminum. All the above create a door with personality.

Door Leaf Construction
The leaf consists of a wooden frame filled with stabilizing core “honeycomb” and is covered on both sides with MDF.

Frame Construction
The frame is made of block board and the trim is plywood.

Finishing – Coating
The leaf, the door frame and trim, are coated with various wood veneer colors and finished with water-based colors (environmentally and user friendly) from a wide range of colors.

Door Dimensions
• Wall thickness: 10cm – 13cm – 15cm – 24cm. For wider use extension.
• Door width: 64cm – 69cm – 74cm -79cm – 84cm – 89m – 94cm – 99cm.
• Height: up to 214cm and below (trim covering of 2,19cm).

Can be produced in custom dimensions.

The range is completed with sliding door and lofts.

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